A Good Yarn by Debbie Macomber

Lydia Hoffman’s shop, A Good Yarn, is bustling, so it seems like the perfect time to start a new knitting class. Three women, each with her own problems, sign up in hopes of learning to knit a pair of socks. Elise, long single, struggles after her ex drops back into her life. Still reeling afterContinue reading “A Good Yarn by Debbie Macomber”

The Last Day of Winter by Shari Low

Caro and Cammy are supposed to be eagerly preparing for their wedding day, but second thoughts have Caro disappearing before she has to walk down the aisle. But if Caro won’t marry him, then TV star Stacey will surely take her place, having traveled all the way from LA to finally tell Cammy how sheContinue reading “The Last Day of Winter by Shari Low”

The Magnificent Mrs. Mayhew by Milly Johnson

Sophie Mayhew has always been an enigma, at least according to the tabloids. However, after her husband John, a major political player in the House of Commons, has an affair come to light, Sophie responds with an outburst during a press conference that leaves little doubt as to how she feels. From there, it’s asContinue reading “The Magnificent Mrs. Mayhew by Milly Johnson”

Scan Artist by Marcia Biederman

The claims were bold: find the longest book on your bookshelf — one you’ve been dying to get around to if only you had the time. Then imagine reading it— not in a matter of days, but in under an hour. With Evelyn Wood’s system of dynamic reading, more commonly known as speed reading, notContinue reading “Scan Artist by Marcia Biederman”

Christmas by the Lighthouse by Rebecca Boxall

Summer has always put her husband first, so she’s completely unprepared when he asked for a six-month break from their marriage. Even so, she embraces the newfound time to herself by hopping off to Jersey for a relaxing vacation by the sea. However, after a luggage mix-up, she meets the utterly charming Jude, who’s alsoContinue reading “Christmas by the Lighthouse by Rebecca Boxall”

The Oysterville Sewing Circle by Susan Wiggs

Caroline Shelby was a rising star in the fashion world, on the cusp of living the dream she sat out to achieve a decade ago. However, after a famous designer sabotages her career and her best friend dies, leaving Caroline as guardian to her two children, she’s left scrounging for a way forward— professionally andContinue reading “The Oysterville Sewing Circle by Susan Wiggs”

The Book Charmer by Karen Hawkins

The Dove sisters have always seemed magical, so it’s no real surprise when books begin conversing with Sarah Dove. As the town librarian for Dove Pond, it’s a handy skill— the books tell her exactly what every reader needs. And when the books begin rumbling about the arrival of a new resident, Grace Wheeler, SarahContinue reading “The Book Charmer by Karen Hawkins”

A Summer to Remember by Sue Moorcroft

After being forced out of both her home and the company she helped found, Clancy speeds off to the village of Nelson’s Bar. Spotty reception. No Wi-Fi. It’s the perfect change of pace. After taking the newly opened caretaker position at her cousin Alice’s row of cottages, she even stops fully focusing on her cheatingContinue reading “A Summer to Remember by Sue Moorcroft”

They Call Me the Cat Lady by Amy Miller

Nancy Jones is known as the local cat lady, and it’s not always meant kindly. Though she has a habit of rescuing felines in need of a bit of care, most humans find her distant. But Nancy has secrets and, after a chance encounter with her past while cat sitting, they threaten to come tumblingContinue reading “They Call Me the Cat Lady by Amy Miller”

The Age of Misadventure by Judy Leigh

Georgie Turner’s entire life revolves around her family— even if they might not appreciate it. Though she has the best intentions by focusing on her daughter, sister, and aunt, she can’t help but feel that she’s stepping on their toes. However, when her sister Bonnie’s husband gets caught up in a shady business deal, GeorgieContinue reading “The Age of Misadventure by Judy Leigh”