Speechless by Adam P. Schmitt

The last place Jimmy wants to be is at his cousin Patrick’s wake. Add in the fact he’s wearing last year’s outgrown dress pants and he’s about as uncomfortable as possible. That is until things get worse when his mother informs him he’ll be making a speech at Patrick’s funeral. Why him? And what canContinue reading “Speechless by Adam P. Schmitt”

Mr. Pack Rat Really Wants That by Marcus Ewert & Kayla Stark

When Mr. Pack Rat wants to collect all the wonderful things he finds, he turns to his trusty (and magic) magnet. However, as his room overflows with more and more stuff, he’s forced to consider if his hoarding habit really makes him happy.

Terrorism, Betrayal, and Resilience by Prudence Bushnell

Prudence Bushnell was serving as United States Ambassador to Kenya in 1998 when al-Qaeda detonated a car bomb outside the embassy, killing over 200 people. In this memoir, Bushnell examines her actions during and after the attack. She also looks at the history leading up to the attacks, weaving in her own experiences in theContinue reading “Terrorism, Betrayal, and Resilience by Prudence Bushnell”

A Gift from the Comfort Food Café by Debbie Johnson

Katie Seddon isn’t the biggest fan of Christmas. While most people in the village of Budbury revel in the holiday cheer, Katie’s reminded of her tumultuous upbringing. Fortunately, her little boy, Saul, keeps her more than occupied. However, when people from her past try to reenter her life, it threatens to destroy the peaceful homeContinue reading “A Gift from the Comfort Food Café by Debbie Johnson”

Paperback Crush by Gabrielle Moss

Somewhere between the YA ‘problem’ novels of the 1970s and the record breaking premiere of Harry Potter, publishers targeted tweens with a very specific kind of book. They were often short paperbacks with flashy covers and sometimes ridiculous plots. In Paperback Crush, author Gabrielle Moss has written a beautiful celebration and critique of these massivelyContinue reading “Paperback Crush by Gabrielle Moss”

The Benefits of Being an Octopus by Ann Braden

Zoey doesn’t have a chance to worry about the normal woes of seventh grade, like homework and crushes. She’s too busy helping her family just scrape by, but with three other siblings, she’d have to be an octopus with eight tentacles to juggle every task. However, one of her teachers forces her to join theContinue reading “The Benefits of Being an Octopus by Ann Braden”

Impeachment: An American History by Jeffrey A. Engel, Jon Meacham, Timothy Naftali, & Peter Baker

Impeachment remains the most serious constitutional weapon against the President of the United States. It is rarely seriously considered, and only three presidents have been placed in serious jeopardy of removal from office. In each case, they were spared, though usually politically wounded. Andrew Johnson’s Articles of Impeachment passed the House of Representatives only toContinue reading “Impeachment: An American History by Jeffrey A. Engel, Jon Meacham, Timothy Naftali, & Peter Baker”

Property of the Rebel Librarian by Allison Varnes

June Harper loves reading, and she’s constantly grabbing book recommendations from her school librarian, Ms. Bradshaw. However, when her overprotective parents find a book they claim contains inappropriate content, they take drastic steps to curtain her reading. Not only is her personal collection confiscated, but Ms. Bradshaw is suspended, the school library is weeded forContinue reading “Property of the Rebel Librarian by Allison Varnes”

The Dollar Kids by Jennifer Richard Jacobson & Ryan Andrews

Lowen Grover is a comic book artist, but he hasn’t drawn much after his friend was murdered during a shooting at convenience store. His parents, wondering if leaving the city would allow him to heal, applies to buy a foreclosed home for $1 in the tiny town of Millville. However, they soon wonder if theContinue reading “The Dollar Kids by Jennifer Richard Jacobson & Ryan Andrews”

The Testament of Harold’s Wife by Lynne Hugo

Louisa has a choice. In the past year, a driver struck and killed her grandson and her husband died by suicide. She can either resign to life on her farm with her temperamental cat and agreeable chickens or she can get a Plan. Louisa knows the driver who killed her Cody was drunk, even asContinue reading “The Testament of Harold’s Wife by Lynne Hugo”