Born Bad by C.K. Smouha and Stephen Smith

When Wolf looks in the mirror, he thinks he looks bad. And when he thinks looks bad, he feels bad. And when he feels bad … well, bad things happen. And frankly, he’s tired of being bad. But after a chat with other members of the animal kingdom, Wolf soon realizes that maybe he doesn’tContinue reading “Born Bad by C.K. Smouha and Stephen Smith”

A Wild and Precious Life by Edie Windsor and Joshua Lyon

Edie Windsor never could have expected to be at the forefront of a Supreme Court decision that would ultimately provide marriage equality at the federal level in the United States, and yet that’s exactly where she found herself in 2015. While that one day in June would catapult her into being an international icon withinContinue reading “A Wild and Precious Life by Edie Windsor and Joshua Lyon”

Indecent Advances by James Polchin

Long before the Stonewall Riots and the beginning of the broader queer liberation movement, the queer community navigated around an increasingly hostile American public. Author James Polchin, in his first book, explores some of these darker stories, approaching true crime from a queer historical perspective.

Pride by Fred W. McDarrah

On June 28, 1969, police raided the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village. This was not an uncommon occurrence, as most bars catering to the LGBTQ+ community were raided regularly during the 1960s. However, this night was remarkable for the reaction— bar patrons, fed up with constant harassment, fought back. What immediately followed was six daysContinue reading “Pride by Fred W. McDarrah”

Buying Gay by David K. Johnson

During the 1950s and 60s, magazines focusing on the male form exploded across the United States, and yet their academic value has mostly been ignored. These magazines, created largely by and for gay men created a “gay market” which ultimately crafted the bones for the broader gay movement. Fortunately and finally, historian David K. JohnsonContinue reading “Buying Gay by David K. Johnson”

When Brooklyn Was Queer by Hugh Ryan

Queer history is difficult to navigate. Often hidden and without personal identifying terms, LGBTQIA+ individuals from the 1960s and prior have maneuvered as afterthoughts in broader narratives. Yet, as author Hugh Ryan proves, meticulous research can bring these pre-Stonewall stories back into view.