Finding Dorothy by Elizabeth Letts

In 1939, Maud Gage Baum met with Judy Garland on the set of the now classic The Wizard of Oz. The seventy-eight year old widow of the Oz author immediately felt drawn to the young star, particularly after hearing her rendition of the iconic “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. From that bit of music, their storiesContinue reading “Finding Dorothy by Elizabeth Letts”

Spectacle by Jodie Lynn Zdrok

Nathalie Baudin writes the morgue column for Le Petit Journal, which is all the more impressive considering she’s a sixteen-year-old in 1887. Though she longs for a more challenging journalist position, she dutifully attends morgue viewings each day without incident. That is, until the body of a murder victim is displayed, and Nathalie has aContinue reading “Spectacle by Jodie Lynn Zdrok”

The Girl from the Mill by Chrissie Walsh

Lacey Barraclough performs backbreaking work as a weaver in a textile mill, all while fighting for improvements to the horrid working conditions. As she pushes for unionization among her fellow workers, the last thing she expects is to fall in love with her boss’s son, Nathan Brearley. However, as their love begins to take shape,Continue reading “The Girl from the Mill by Chrissie Walsh”