The Gift of Family by Mary Monroe

Rosemary and Eugene Johnson seem to have the perfect life, but the Christmas season serves as a stark reminder that their house is empty of the children they’ve always wanted. This year, their world is further rocked by news that Rosemary will have to undergo emergency surgery. Eugene just wishes he could do something—anything—to makeContinue reading “The Gift of Family by Mary Monroe”

Home for the Holidays by Sara Richardson

If the Buchanan sisters can agree on one thing, it’s their love for Juniper Inn. Their childhood memories are filled with them baking cookies, playing in the snow, and having fun with their dear Aunt Sassy. So when each receives a letter from Sassy, asking them to spend one last Christmas with her, how canContinue reading “Home for the Holidays by Sara Richardson”

The Little Shop on Floral Street by Jane Lacey-Crane

The last place Grace wants to return to is her family’s floral stall—especially with the painful memories of the night that drove her away still lingering. But when sudden tragedy strikes, she puts her own successful career on pause and heads home. Meanwhile, her sister Faith has never seemed to find a place to fitContinue reading “The Little Shop on Floral Street by Jane Lacey-Crane”

Sing Me a Secret by Julie Houston

After her husband jets off on business, Juno’s left balancing life as the village doctor with parenting two precocious children and a menagerie of rowdy animals. She’s also left with questions about the state of her marriage—further complicated by the arrival of a handsome new coworker … who steals her office. With her world alreadyContinue reading “Sing Me a Secret by Julie Houston”

Looking for Lucy by Julie Houston

Clementine would do anything for her daughter, Allegra, which is why her friends can’t figure out why she’d add the difficulty of raising her on Emerald Street. Though she guards them, Clementine has her reasons, starting with her devotion to finding her twin sister, Lucy. But when Peter, a wealthy and frequent guest at theContinue reading “Looking for Lucy by Julie Houston”

Mrs. ‘Arris Goes to Paris by Paul Gallico

Each week for Paperback Throwback, I highlight a book from my ever-growing collection of older paperbacks, ‘90s and prior. Come check out everything from Zebra’s line of horror to Scholastic’s preteen Apple Paperbacks, and everything in-between— you’ll know them by their stylishly cheesy covers, flashy plots, and cheap prices.