Boom: Mad Money, Mega Dealers, and the Rise of Contemporary Art by Michael Shnayerson

Behind all of those canvases, the contemporary art world is backed by a collection of larger than life personalities. Art dealers. These are the movers and shakers of an artistic and financial movement that has been functioning since the 1940s. From the beginning galleries and their unsure futures to the continual modern multi-million dollar sales, this is the story of the wild group that has shaped world of contemporary art.

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One Night in Christmas by Debbie Mason

After a few rough years, Sophia finally feels like she has everything going right. And after a long day working in her boutique, she’s ready to ring in the new year with her best friend, Autumn. Certainly the last person she expects to run into is her brother-in-law, Adam Dane … See, Sophia’s had a rocky relationship with the Dane family ever since her husband passed away. And even though she’d rather keep her distance, she can’t help but feel drawn to Adam … and as they celebrate a new year and new beginnings, she realizes he might feel the same way.

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Tea and a Cowboy by Alys Murray

Bridgette Shaw lives a life focused on etiquette and rules. And her number one rule? No cowboys allowed in her tea parlor. However, when her childhood friend Cliff Masters begs her to give him lessons in refinement so he can impress his ex-girlfriend, Bridgette bends … just this once. But as she whips the rugged cowboy into shape, she can’t help but feel a growing connection between them.

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Emily Out of Focus by Miriam Spitzer Franklin

Emily can’t wait to fly with her parents to China and adopt her baby sister, but that doesn’t stop her from being nervous. What about if she doesn’t like the food? What about if her parents find out she’s sneaking Nana’s camera on the trip? Most importantly, what about if her new sister doesn’t like her? But with her parents focused on the impending adoption, Emily finds herself spending time with Katherine, whose parents are also adopting a second child. However, Katherine has her own mission, and she wants Emily’s help to find her birth mother.

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Accidental Presidents by Jared Cohen

The vice president is a unique political position in that the person inhabiting it remains largely forgotten until they’re needed. Yet, eight times an American president has died in office, and eight times the vice president has assumed that office. With such a high frequency of occurrence, it could be assumed that the Framers of the Constitution understood the necessity of keeping the country going after the death of a president. And yet the vast majority of these successions have led to, at best, tumultuous administrations.

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Deposing Nathan by Zack Smedley

Nate’s always been a good kid. But when he becomes friends with the new guy at school, Cam, his family notices a change. Cam’s the kind of guy who forces him to think about life, the universe, and his dreams … and, yeah, sometimes they break the rules. Soon their two worlds twist around each other and, as Nate explores his feelings for Cam, everything implodes in a fistfight that ends up with Nate stabbed and Cam in jail. Now Nate’s forced to give a statement under oath. But to tell the truth about everything that happened? Well, that’s complicated.

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Super Jake & the King of Chaos by Naomi Milliner

Ethan has spent countless hours perfecting his magic act. Of course, that’s when he’s not focused on his little brother with special needs, Jake, and his constant hospital visits. His practice pays off when he gets the chance to enter a magic competition in Atlantic City, with the grand prize of meeting his idol, Magnus the Magnificent. But when Jake becomes seriously ill, Ethan searches for any trick that might help him.

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