We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Shelf: The Ten Longest Books on My TBR Pile

While New Year's is often heralded as a time for new beginnings, I've always associated new beginnings with spring. Freezing weather finally starts to recede, the sun makes an appearance, and, as I thaw, I start thinking about changes I want to make for the rest of the year. Lately, I'm thinking about the idea... Continue Reading →

A First Line Friday with Too Much Spice

It's remarkable how certain smells have the ability to sometimes transport us into our pasts. A scent tickles the receptors in our noses and, almost without warning, our brains are slammed back in time to memories often assumed long-forgotten. Several weeks ago, after popping open a metal cannister, the tinny smell suddenly reminded me of... Continue Reading →

A First Line Friday … in Space!

Designing book covers is an art. Not only do they have to immediately capture a passing reader's attention, but they also must showcase the overall feeling of the book while remaining aesthetically pleasing ... or unappealing, if that's their thing. So long as it's eye-catching. This week I stumbled across a book that definitely ranks... Continue Reading →

A Recent First Line Friday

Becoming Duchess Goldblatt was one of the best reviewed books of 2020, and looking back over my review, I had nothing but good things to say about it. Both heartwarming and heartbreaking, it's a book I devoured every page in one sitting. The memoir of an anonymous woman who masquerades as a literary duchess on... Continue Reading →

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