Mayann Francis: An Honourable Life by Mayann Francis

Mayann Francis didn’t anticipate becoming Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia. Yet after a varied career in the United States and Canada, working primarily in the field of human rights, there was perhaps no better person for the job when she was appointed on the advice of Prime Minister Stephen Harper in 2006. But it wasn’t necessarily an easy road getting there, nor an easy undertaking. In Mayann Francis: An Honourable Life, she traces from her humble beginnings to the challenges of being the first Black Lietenant Governor of Nova Scotia in a system often struggling with its own racism.

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Mrs. Morris and the Ghost by Traci Wilton

Charlene Morris needs a change— something different after the death of her husband. Moving from her home in Chicago to a historic house in Salem, Massachusetts that she’s never seen sounds about as different as it gets. But then she didn’t expect to wake up on her first night in the gorgeous house to the ghost of the former owner, Jack Strathmore, standing at the foot of her bed. Now if she ever wants to get her house ghost-free in time to open it as a B&B for the tourist season, she’s going to have to solve Jack’s murder.

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Window on the Bay by Debbie Macomber

Best friends Jenna and Maureen have been doing just fine. Sure, their children have finally left their respective nests, and Jenna’s especially bristling at the thought of an empty house. But now they’ll finally have time to do things they’ve always wanted— like taking the trip to Paris they originally planned in college. However, after Jenna’s mother, Carol, falls and breaks her hip, Jenna meets the charming Dr. Rowan Lancaster. And with Maureen open to seeing someone of her own … well, it might be time for these two friends to finally live their dreams and find love.

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Peach Clobbered by Anna Gerard

Nina Fleet thought moving into her dream home in the tiny town of Cymbeline, Georgia would make for a quiet life. And then the guy in the penguin costume showed up on her front porch. Soon, she’s caught up in a tug-of-war with the penguin, otherwise known as Harry Westcott, who insists his great-aunt intended to leave the home to him— no matter what the will says. However, Nina forges ahead with her plans of turning the gorgeous house into a B&B. But just as she’s getting her new business off the ground with a group of recently evicted nuns as her first guests, she finds the guy in the penguin costume with a knife in his chest … only it isn’t Harry.

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The Scottish Parliament in its Own Words Edited by Thomas A.W. Stewart

In 1999, Scotland did something rather extraordinary. For the first time since the eighteenth century, the Scottish Parliament was seated, effectively shifting major political power back to the country and away from the Parliament of the United Kingdom. While initially an unsure legislative body, Scottish Parliament has blossomed in the twenty years since its initial opening, solidifying itself as a significant institution of Scotland.

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Them Bones by Carolyn Haines

Sarah Booth didn’t expect her life would be so complicated. Thirty-three. Unemployed. Broke. At risk of losing her family home. And to top it all off, she’s being haunted by the ghost of her great-great-grandmother’s nanny, Jitty— who has the perfect plan for Sarah to earn a little money. All she has to do is dognap her friend’s canine, collect the ransom money, and return the pooch. Easy! But when word gets around that she’s good at ‘solving’ crimes, she’s hired for another mystery … and this one started with murder.

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3 Brawling Book Reviews

Conflict is at the core of what makes stories so compelling. These are the complicated moments where everything becomes muddled, elevating characters while driving the plot forward. And for some books … well, the entire narrative is one complicated sparring match, whether verbal or physical or both. Here are three reviews that each showcase an all-out brawl.

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