Shh! Five Quiet Middle Grade Novels

Ask someone for their definition of a ‘quiet’ novel and you’re likely to get a Potter Stewart response: “I know it when I see it.” These books are hard to capture, yet finding one that resonates can be a blissful experience. Character-driven, they often focus on introspection while offering up rich prose. And though they can still showcase bold storylines, high emotion, and bold tension, they’re also … quieter than their louder counterparts, which can be refreshing—particularly in middle grade, where plots flash at breakneck speeds.

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Eight Snowy Cozies for a Long Winter’s Night

Winter might be a joyously festive time for some, but there’s also a lesser discussed undercurrent of unease for others. Leafless trees twisting in piercing winds. Dark nights that stretch longer and longer. Ice forming on anything that sits still long enough. That’s why, if I had to assign a book genre for each season, winter would easily be a cozy mystery. Somehow filled with moments of both fun and bleakness, it’s perfectly encapsulated by these morbidly quirky books.

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Nonfiction November Week Two: Book Pairing

It’s Week Two of Nonfiction November—a celebration of all those totally true and fact-filled books out there. One of the things I love the most about great books—nonfiction or otherwise—is that they usually have me wanting to find similar reads. I’ll read a tantalizing tidbit and then I’m off down a rabbit hole looking for more information, and gradually expanding my to-be-read pile in the process.

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