A First Line Friday Fit for a Grinch

I’m not feeling the Christmas spirit—a truly frightening admission from a person who practically has seasonal magic oozing from his ears in other years. Normally I’d exude peak cheer, baking gingerbread and trimming trees against a snowy backdrop. But now, among the general chaos? Eat the cookie dough, stuff the tree, and bring on theContinue reading “A First Line Friday Fit for a Grinch”

Dropkicking This First Line Friday

Some first lines gently lull you into a story, gradually opening up this new and wonderous setting that you’re about to spend a few hundred pages in. For this First Line Friday, I’m highlighting a book that, in its first couple of paragraphs, uses a strong voice to lay out the bones of a strangeContinue reading “Dropkicking This First Line Friday”

A Totally Nonpolitical First Line Friday

I think most of us can agree that this week has been … something. In the U.S, with the presidential election finally coming to a close, for the first time since Tuesday, I finally feel like I don’t have to refresh my phone every five seconds. So while I’m putting the campaign to the backContinue reading “A Totally Nonpolitical First Line Friday”

A First Line Friday in a Haunted House

Halloween is mere hours away and my bookshelf is looking empty at the moment—it’s downright spooky. Honestly, it’s probably from having too many witches, bats, and tombstones on the brain. So with all the goblins and ghouls, ghosts and gravestones hanging around for at least one more day, I thought a solid Halloween-inspired read wouldContinue reading “A First Line Friday in a Haunted House”

A First Line Friday for Around the Campfire

The scariest ghost story I’ve ever heard came from my parents, who told it to me while roasting marshmallows around a bonfire on a fall evening. Their exact words are lost to the years—it’s been a while since I was seven—but I remember their soft tones lulling me into this world involving a metal limb,Continue reading “A First Line Friday for Around the Campfire”

It Was a Dark and Stormy First Line Friday

With storms popping up in my local forecast to close out this week, it seems appropriate to pick up a book featuring thunder and lightning during its opening lines. Really, what’s better than a spooky nighttime thunderstorm—fictional or otherwise—just in time for Halloween? Add in witches, curses, and a ghost or two and I knewContinue reading “It Was a Dark and Stormy First Line Friday”

A First Line Friday for a Cozy Afternoon

The nights are getting longer, the days are getting cooler, the leaves are finally turning. Yeah, it’s definitely fall. About the only things I need during this time of year are a warm blanket, a plush chair, and a cozy read. So for this week’s First Line Friday, I’m sharing a read that perfectly fitsContinue reading “A First Line Friday for a Cozy Afternoon”

A Spooky First Line Friday

It’s officially October, and that means I’m starting a month devoted to books filled with magic, monsters, mayhem, and … Well, to be perfectly honest, I’m a bit of a mood reader, so there’ll also be romance and passion and … realistically, a Christmas-focused read or two will sneak into the mix. However, when IContinue reading “A Spooky First Line Friday”

A Vastly Underrated First Line Friday

One of my favorite writers of all time is Daniel Handler. Like many people who say this about an author, I’ve read pretty much everything he’s ever written. As a kid, I fell into his unsettling and extremely popular A Series of Unfortunate Events thanks to a suggestion by a well-placed librarian. As an adult,Continue reading “A Vastly Underrated First Line Friday”

A Regrettable First Line Friday

Is there anything better for tension in a book than when a character thinks they’ve made the wrong decision? That moment when they realize not everything is going quite according to plan and they’re put in a difficult, sometimes seemingly impossible, situation. For today’s First Line Friday, while Serafina might be having a moment ofContinue reading “A Regrettable First Line Friday”