A First Line Friday with Too Much Spice

It’s remarkable how certain smells have the ability to sometimes transport us into our pasts. A scent tickles the receptors in our noses and, almost without warning, our brains are slammed back in time to memories often assumed long-forgotten. Several weeks ago, after popping open a metal cannister, the tinny smell suddenly reminded me ofContinue reading “A First Line Friday with Too Much Spice”

A First Line Friday … in Space!

Designing book covers is an art. Not only do they have to immediately capture a passing reader’s attention, but they also must showcase the overall feeling of the book while remaining aesthetically pleasing … or unappealing, if that’s their thing. So long as it’s eye-catching. This week I stumbled across a book that definitely ranksContinue reading “A First Line Friday … in Space!”

A Recent First Line Friday

Becoming Duchess Goldblatt was one of the best reviewed books of 2020, and looking back over my review, I had nothing but good things to say about it. Both heartwarming and heartbreaking, it’s a book I devoured every page in one sitting. The memoir of an anonymous woman who masquerades as a literary duchess onContinue reading “A Recent First Line Friday”

A Valentime-y First Line Friday

Growing up, Valentine’s Day was always one of my favorite holidays, and a lot of that stems from books. Throughout elementary school, I was treated to teachers who pulled out all the crepe paper and glitter stops: from elaborate Valentine mailboxes to embellished construction paper hearts, every February my classroom was an explosion of reds,Continue reading “A Valentime-y First Line Friday”

This First Line Friday is for the Birds

There are a few authors I immediately click with, but Alice Hoffman is one of them. Since stumbling across Practical Magic at my university’s library, I’ve had an almost decade-long love of her work. And while I connect with some characters more than others and have a greater appreciation for certain plots, the one thingContinue reading “This First Line Friday is for the Birds”

A Parent-Approved First Line Friday

Where would half the heroines in romance novels be if not for meddling parents and a constant stream of pressure to find their perfect match? Certainly not living in the ever-alluring Happily-Ever-After. Usually quick with a quip and constantly reminding the lead of her singleness, they’re a constant—and pushy—secondary presence in romance fiction. For thisContinue reading “A Parent-Approved First Line Friday”

An Optimistic First Line Friday

Even as someone who’s glued to news and current events even during less tumultuous weeks, the recent onslaught of developments has been overwhelming. Yet I’m privileged enough to admit that part of my way of processing the chaos includes taking time—ten minutes here, an hour there—to sink into a good book. And while I’ve alwaysContinue reading “An Optimistic First Line Friday”

Some Life Lessons for This First Line Friday

I read for a number of reasons, but a big one is that I really enjoy learning something new. When a book can force me to consider something—especially a topic or area that I’m very familiar with—in a new light? That’s usually a good reading experience for me. So for this week’s First Line Friday,Continue reading “Some Life Lessons for This First Line Friday”

A Decked Out First Line Friday

For the first time in my life, I put up my Christmas decorations before the month of December. Yes, it’s true, and I can practically hear some of you holiday purists—those who think every holiday should stay in its lane, or at least in its month—scoffing through your screens. And yet, I hadn’t even purchasedContinue reading “A Decked Out First Line Friday”