A Sweet-Talking First Line Friday

This week, I discovered a character who has absolutely no problem speaking her mind. Actually, quite a few of them. I started reading a few books from Paranormal Women’s Fiction, a collective of authors dedicated to publishing a new line of books that combine—well, the Women’s Fiction and Paranormal genres. They’re ridiculously fun books, filled with strong, real characters. Truly, my only disappointment is that it’s taken me this long to read any of them. So for today’s First Line Friday, I specifically want to highlight an opening from one of these novels that features a sweet-talker … of sorts.

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Bad Food for First Line Friday

I’ve written before about how much I love food-focused fiction, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t speak up about my love of food-focused nonfiction as well. Food is universal—obviously—and that means there are an awful lot of people out there writing about it. From critics tearing down and propping up restaurants to foodies reminiscing about baking cakes in their grandparents’ kitchen, good, interesting food writing is easy to come by. So for today’s First Line Friday, I’m showcasing good and interesting writing that’s focused on bad food.

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A Regency Favorite Lines Friday

While I like to think that I read broadly, I definitely have my comfort zones, which has led to some gaping holes on my bookshelf. For instance, while I love romance novels, I’m rusty when it comes to historical romance—you know, that massively popular publishing powerhouse of a subgenre. So lately I’ve been branching out with my book selections, and this week I stumbled down the Regency romance rabbit hole. Since my intent was to tap into 19th century England, the last thing I expected was to find a quote that perfectly lined up with my feelings for 2020 America. And yet, for this Favorite Lines Friday, that’s exactly what happened.

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A Favorite Lines Friday Icebreaker

For some people, parties are stressful—especially when you have multiple groups of friends colliding for the first time. What do you talk about? Plop someone into a new group and they might have nothing to say. That’s why it’s always good to have a solid icebreaker waiting in your back pocket. Though as today’s Favorite Lines Friday suggests, not every icebreaker always lands smoothly.

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A Dangerous Favorite Lines Friday

Jon Ronson is a dangerous author. Any attempt to read a few pages of one of his books before bed will almost certainly result in closing it around the same time the sun comes up. It’s his gift—to the detriment of my sleep pattern—as a storyteller. And this skill is on no better display than in his collection of essays, where each successive story offers opening lines that are more somehow more unique, more compelling than the last. For this Favorite Lines Friday, though, I’m showcasing perhaps my favorite.

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First Impressions and Favorite Lines Friday Are Everything

Sometimes you just can’t beat a good opening paragraph—though it’s something so hard to get right. Not only does it have to immediately grab your attention, but it also must set the stage for everything that comes after. Somehow, some authors strike gold. And so for this week’s Favorite Lines Friday, I’m highlighting a snippet from Esme Addison’s debut novel that manages such a powerful hint of mystery that it kept me up reading well past my bedtime.

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A Talented Favorite Lines Friday

Every once in a while I read a book with a character who has a special talent and I think, “Well, I wish I could do that.” In many cases, it’s something that’s completely achievable. When I was in high school, I read The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood and fell in love with a craft that I knew next to nothing about. Yet there I was, a few weeks later, the proud owner of a pair of knitting needles and a lot of bad semi-finished projects. For this week’s Favorite Lines Friday, however, I’m highlighting a talent that, while great, might not be in my future’s cards.

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A Relatable Favorite Lines Friday

Books shows us a world outside of our own, but they can also hold up a magnifying glass to our own circumstances. And there’s something genuinely rewarding about finding characters who you instantly connect with. For this week’s Favorite Lines Friday, here’s a passage that showcases a character I think most of us can relate to.

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