The Show—and Favorite Lines Friday—Must Go On

Give me a book about theatre or performance and I’ll tear through it in no time. The onstage antics, the backstage drama, the—well, the theatricality of it all is ripe with an abundance of fun and tension for writers to explore. This week’s Favorite Lines Friday, for instance, looks at how one character handled performing with a front-row distraction.

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A Watchful Favorite Lines Friday

One of my favorite authors, Gregory Maguire, announced his newest book, A Wild Winter Swan, will be released later this year and I could not be more excited. So for today’s Favorite Lines Friday, I’m highlighting a passage from one of his books that doesn’t get nearly the attention that I believe it deserves. It’s a quote I’ve had my eye on for a while …

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A Sensational Favorite Lines Friday

It’s Friday. No, really. It’s true. I checked multiple times. And in a time when even looking at the calendar can offer up a surprise, I’ve been on the hunt for books that grip me from the very first sentence—books that immediately transport me to their authors’ worlds. So for today’s Favorite Lines Friday, I’ve selected a sensational set of first lines.

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This Favorite Lines Friday, Keep Reading

Not that I need any reason to read a book, but I love when an author ends a chapter with a tease so compelling it practically forces me to turn the page. So for this Favorite Lines Friday—because it is Friday … again … somehow—here’s the ending to a first chapter that made me finish the entire book in one sitting.

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A Favorite Lines Friday by Any Other Name

Happy Friday! The weekend is fast approaching—but honestly, who cares about what the calendar says at this point? All the same, it is time for Favorite Lines Friday. This week I’ve been exploring some old picture book favorites, and I rediscovered one that shows nicknames can be for anyone … or thing.

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Favorite Lines Friday Goes to Town

Happy Friday! The weekend is fast approaching—but really, time is irrelevant at this point. However, it’s time for Favorite Lines Friday, and this week I’ve been craving great fiction that takes place in small towns. But as someone who grew up in a tiny town, I know there’s sometimes an argument over what’s classified as small. My favorite lines this week shine some light on the designation.

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