Can’t Wait for … Arsenic and Adobo by Mia P. Manansala

Cozies. Cozies. Cozies. I feel like cozies are taking over my life this week. Whether I’m reading them, writing about them, or talking about them—they’re everywhere. But honestly, how can I complain about that when there are so many great upcoming releases? I’m constantly on the lookout for new series, because I really enjoy starting cozies right as the first book comes out. Sure, I also have no problem speeding through twenty books in anticipation of a future, interesting-looking sequel, but there’s some benefit to actually hopping on the cozy train right at the first stop. And this week? I’ve found the start to a new series that I just cannot wait to read.

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Can’t Wait for … Aunt Dimity & the Enchanted Cottage by Nancy Atherton

Last year, I began reading the Aunt Dimity series of cozy mysteries by Nancy Atherton. I had been hesitant to check out the first book, Aunt Dimity’s Death, not because I thought I wouldn’t like it, but because I thought I’d love it. Atherton has been dreaming up adventures for Lori Shepherd and her otherworldly journal since 1992, and twenty-four books later, she’s still going strong. Knowing me, if I liked the first book, I’d want to read them all—and quickly. Well, I adored the first one, and, almost a year later, I’m about halfway through the series. But thanks to a new release coming next year, it looks like I might have to pick up the pace.

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Can’t Wait for … The Broken Spine by Dorothy St. James

Some cozies can feel remarkably similar to each other. Each contains the dead body, of course, and the amateur sleuth out to crack the case. The reoccurring quirky cast of secondary characters who interact in a tight knit community. The clues. The red herrings. A foil or two. And yet cozy authors routinely find ways of making their series feel new and fresh, especially by utilizing a unique hook that serves as a backdrop for their characters. A hobby, a job, a location, an animal—something interesting that their characters and readers can latch onto. This week, I’m featuring a book that showcases what might be my new favorite hook: a secret workplace that honestly sounds like a dream … well, if you leave out the murder.

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Can’t Wait for … Thankfully in Love: A Thanksgiving Anthology

Last week, I showcased my absolute love for Christmas reads, but really, any holiday can make a great backdrop for a book. And for the last half of the year, while there’s definitely an abundance of Christmas reads and even Halloween stories, there’s one, less flashy, holiday that doesn’t get nearly enough literary attention. So this week I’d like to focus on a new Thanksgiving-themed anthology—that I just can’t wait for—that’s finally giving Thanksgiving the swoon-y treatment it deserves.

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Can’t Wait for … Miracle on Christmas Street by Annie O’Neil

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … sort of. It’s time for my mountain of waiting paperbacks and new releases take a backseat to the festive world of Christmas-themed books. Sure, I usually have no problem reading holiday books outside their season, but there’s something that happens around the midway point. Visions of decorated trees, presents, copious baking, and snow, glorious snow—in moderation, of course—cloud my mind, and I’m ready to be curled up next to a roaring fire while getting lost in a cozy world from August through December. Fortunately, this year’s crop of new Christmas reads looks excellent. However, there’s one I recently discovered that I’m especially looking forward to.

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Can’t Wait for … The Book of CarolSue by Lynne Hugo

The Testament of Harold’s Wife was one of my favorite reads of 2018, and it immediately placed Lynne Hugo on my list of insta-buy authors. Sweet and funny and poignant, it’s one of those great books that I just did not want to end. Fortunately, Hugo is back with a standalone companion novel, and it’ll not only be nice to drop into a brand new story, but it’ll also be great knowing there are some returning characters who’ll pop up along the way. I can’t wait.

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Can’t Wait for … An Irish Country Welcome by Patrick Taylor

In turbulent times, I turn to books … Well, I turn to books no matter the time. However, in particularly chaotic times—when I’m at my most taxed and I have a free moment—a good book can make for the best escape. This year, I was fortunate enough to discover the An Irish Country Doctor by Patrick Taylor, the first book in a historical fiction series about a doctor and his adventures in the fictional village of Ballybucklebo in Northern Ireland. It’s funny, low-stress, and an absolutely warmhearted read. Truly, the perfect literary antidote to stress. Fortunately, Taylor has has evolved that first book into a fourteen book series, with another one expected later this year. And considering the state of this year? I can’t wait.

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Can’t Wait for … Root Magic by Eden Royce

In a recent interview for Nightfire, Tonia Ransom and author Eden Royce talked about the evocative power of scent, the unique experiences that shape horror, and, of course, Southern Gothic literature. It’s a wonderful discussion, and I recommend reading it in full. At one point, however, Royce mentioned her upcoming novel and—well, I’ll let the blurb speak for itself. It’ll help you understand why this was one of my easiest selections for Can’t Wait Wednesday.

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Can’t Wait for … Peachy Scream by Anna Gerard

One of the best parts of reading a cozy mystery series from the beginning, right as the books are being released, is that I’m always ‘caught up’. There’s hardly ever a worry about coming across spoilers before I reach—in the case of some long running series—the ‘major twist’ in volume thirty or forty. On the flip side, it means sometimes waiting a year—or longer!—for the next installment. That’s exactly what’s happened with one of my favorite cozies from last year, Peach Clobbered by Anna Gerard, a wonderfully quirky and amazing start to a series. Ever since, I’ve been waiting patiently for the followup, and finally, the day is almost here.

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