Six Picture Books for Transgender Awareness Week

November 13-19 marks Transgender Awareness Week, a yearly tradition that precedes Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 20—a day that honors the lives taken by anti-trans violence. This week is intended to promote the visibility of the entire trans community, raising awareness about their stories, experiences, and the issues they currently face.

One of the best ways to advocate for awareness of these stories is by sharing picture books. Picture books have the unique ability to take trans topics and boil them down to simple concepts, understandable to all ages. Through celebratory messages, picture books provide some of the best hope of a future that’s more inclusive than today.

Here are six picture books to check out for Transgender Awareness Week during your next trip to the library.

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Five Witchy Reads for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and there’s already a hint of magic in the air. Soon the streets will be filled with ghost, goblins, and witches slipping from house to house in search of whoever’s giving out full-size candy bars. But hey—no judgment here if you turn off the porch light, grab that bowl of candy, and settle down for a quiet night with a good book.

Just in case, here are five witchy reads to check out during your next trip to the library … though I don’t recommend getting chocolate on any of these pages.

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Five Wordless Picture Books

Traditionally, picture books are simple: illustrations and light text build a complete story in only a few short pages. And though these two individual crafts work in tandem, any good picture is made up of elements that work just as perfectly on their own. That’s what’s so exciting about wordless picture books, which completely drop half of the equation— they allow readers to cook up stories to match the images they see before them.

Here are five wordless picture books to check out during your next trip to the library.

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Five Food-Themed Cozies

All the way to the end, it seems like amateur sleuths never can catch a break. A deep, winding murder investigation. Danger lurking around every corner. And that’s on top of having to juggle normal, everyday life complications. No wonder there are so many cozies focused on food. These detectives are famished!

Here are five food-themed cozy mysteries you can check out on your next trip to the library.

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