Wake Up and Smell the Books: Ten Floral Covers

This week's Top Ten Tuesday is all about nature, which is something I haven't experienced a ton of lately—thank you so much rain, wind, and generally dreary weather! Things are getting so bad I've resorted to making flowers with cross stitch. Yeah. It's been a long year. Anyway, in honor of my new hobby, here... Continue Reading →

I’m Almost Through My Bookshelf, and I’m Here: Ten Recent Reads

Don't let the title of this post fool you: I'm nowhere near close to running out of reading material ... No, in fact, I'm more stocked than ever thanks to a local book sale over the weekend. However, this week's First Line Friday isn't focused on all the books I'll get around to (eventually). Instead,... Continue Reading →

Hope, Faith, and a Corpse by Laura Jensen Walker

One of the greatest challenges an author faces when writing a cozy mystery is crafting a main character who other people—sometimes complete strangers—actually want to talk to. It's not enough that the sleuth finds themself stumbling through a mystery. If they actually want to solve anything, people have to talk to them. There's all sorts... Continue Reading →

A Crafty First Line Friday

Like so many people this past year, I've spent a lot of time finding new things I can do from home. From tracking down copies of books I've always wanted to read to watching as many musicals as possible, I've tried to enjoy the time I can. One of my biggest projects has been crafting—knitting,... Continue Reading →

Can’t Wait for … How Sweet It Is by Dylan Newton

Part of the reason I love reading romance is, while there's a common set of time-tested tropes that remain incredibly popular, authors have to find creative ways to launch people into relationships. While a common background for characters often produces the fan-favorite 'enemies-to-lovers', it's just as true that opposites attract both couples and readers. For... Continue Reading →

An Unexpected First Line Friday

A strange thing happened the other day. I sat down, thinking I'd look through a few of my books for my next read. However, the first one I picked up had such a great opening line, I couldn't put it down—I ended up reading it in one sitting. Maybe you can see why... The caramel... Continue Reading →

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