Can’t Wait for … A Touch of Ruckus by Ash Van Otterloo

Without a doubt, many of the best writers working today write middle grade fiction. Ash Can Otterloo exemplifies that, with their book Cattywampus being one of my favorites of 2020—which is saying something. 2020, for all of its problems, was filled with some amazing books. Fortunately, they’re back with a new title due out this September, and I have a feeling it will cause a bit of a ruckus on plenty of to-be-read piles. I can’t wait.

From the publisher:

She can pry into folks’ memories with just a touch of their belongings. It’s something she’s always kept hidden — especially from her big, chaotic family. Their lives are already chock-full of worries about Daddy’s job and Mama’s blues without Tennie rocking the boat.

But when the Lancasters move to the mountains for a fresh start, Tennie’s gift does something new. Instead of just memories, her touch releases a ghost with a terrifying message: Trouble is coming. Tennie wants to ignore it. Except her new friend Fox — scratch that, her only friend, Fox — is desperate to go ghost hunting deep in the forest. And when Tennie frees even more of the spirits, trouble is exactly what she gets… and it hits close to home. The ghosts will be heard, and now Tennie must choose between keeping secrets or naming an ugly truth that could tear her family apart.

Magic and mayhem abound in this spooky story about family legacies, first friendships, and how facing the ghosts inside can sometimes mean stirring up a little bit of ruckus.

Title: A Touch of Ruckus
Author: Ash Van Otterloo
Publisher: Scholastic
Expected Publication: September 07, 2021
Classification: Middle Grade

Van Otterloo’s Website | Goodreads

Note: Can’t Wait Wednesday is a feature hosted by Tressa at Wishful Endings, so be sure to check out her weekly post to find other participants. Fair warning: don’t be surprised if you come away with an expanded TBR pile.


  1. Ash Van Otterloo is completely new to me but I’m loving the sound of this blurb!

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    1. I cannot recommend their first book highly enough! And really, this one sounds amazing.

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