A Crafty First Line Friday

Like so many people this past year, I’ve spent a lot of time finding new things I can do from home. From tracking down copies of books I’ve always wanted to read to watching as many musicals as possible, I’ve tried to enjoy the time I can. One of my biggest projects has been crafting—knitting, crocheting, felt-making. If I had a large enough space, I’d probably be quilting right now, too. Funnily enough, I’ve noticed this new interest has slowly seeped into my reading. So for this week’s First Line Friday, I’m sharing an opening from one of my recent reads that happens to use a crafting backdrop.

The day had already been the sort I wanted to drown in a cold beer or a bubble bath. Preferably both. And that was before I heard Gram’s voice, loud and clear as always, coming from my “missed messages.”

“Angel, it’s time to come home. They’ve found your mama.”

No one in Arizona called me “Angel.”

Title: Twisted Threads
Series: Mainely Needlepoint #1
Author: Lea Wait
Publisher: Kensington
Publication Date: January 06, 2015
Classification: Cozy Mystery

Wait’s Website | Publisher’s Page | Goodreads

Note: First Line Fridays is a feature hosted by Hoarding Books. Be sure to check out their weekly post to find other participants and some great first lines.


  1. I haven’t read a cosy for years! I have a couple of series I’ve really liked but a lot of them are hard to find in the UK. No extra time in lockdown for me as I’ve worked from home for a decade (in fact less time and peace as husband suddenly working from home in meetings all day every day!) so am a bit jealous of all the crafting, banana bread, sourdough and Italian learning that’s been going on (but also glad I have my job obviously).


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