An Unexpected First Line Friday

A strange thing happened the other day. I sat down, thinking I’d look through a few of my books for my next read. However, the first one I picked up had such a great opening line, I couldn’t put it down—I ended up reading it in one sitting. Maybe you can see why…

The caramel sauce was almost three hundred and fifty degrees when the screaming started.

Title: Kernel of Truth
Series: Popcorn Shop Mystery #1
Author: Kristi Abbott
Publisher: Berkley
Publication Date: March 01, 2016
Classification: Cozy Mystery

Abott’s Website | Publisher’s Page | Goodreads

Note: First Line Fridays is a feature hosted by Hoarding Books. Be sure to check out their weekly post to find other participants and some great first lines.


  1. The first line is sure a hook. I read this one and it was okay for me, but it was too easy to figure out the culprit for me. I wonder if the others in this series are better.

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    1. Lately it hasn’t been bothering me when a killer is obvious, just because I’ve read so many and it’s getting easier and easier spot them ahead of the reveal. Though when one actually does manage a genuine twist—that’s perfection! I haven’t checked out the others in the series, but I’m tempted to at least pick the second one up.

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