A First Line Friday … in Space!

Designing book covers is an art. Not only do they have to immediately capture a passing reader’s attention, but they also must showcase the overall feeling of the book while remaining aesthetically pleasing … or unappealing, if that’s their thing. So long as it’s eye-catching. This week I stumbled across a book that definitely ranks as one of my favorite covers and it’s all because of one element: cats in space. And a big bonus? I didn’t to feed long to find out where they fit into the plot.

Captain Eva Innocente crept down the central corridor of La Sirena Negra, straining to hear the soft rumble of her quarry over the whine of the FTL drive and the creak of space-cold metal.

((Getting warmer,)) Min pinged over her commlink.

Min would know, since the ship was essentially her second body when she was connected to the piloting interface. But the critter Eva was tracking wouldn’t stop moving. It had gone from the cargo bay down below, up through the mess, and was now somewhere between the crew quarters and the head. If it got to the bridge—


A hiss of steam sprayed Eva’s hair. Startled, she nearly dropped the vented box she carried onto her foot, juggling it awkwardly before settling it against her hip. She resumed her barefoot tiptoeing with a scowl. Vakar would have to fix that leak later, once the more immediate problem was taken care of.

((Red hot!))

Eva crouched, held her breath, and listened. At last, in a gap between two panels, she heard it.

A lone kitten, purring.

Title: Chilling Effect
Series: Chilling Effect #1
Author: Valerie Valdes
Publisher: Harper Voyager
Publication Date: September 17, 2019
Classification: Science Fiction, Young Adult

Valdes’s Website | Publisher’s Page | Goodreads

Note: First Line Fridays is a feature hosted by Hoarding Books. Be sure to check out their weekly post to find other participants and some great first lines.

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