It Was a Dark and Stormy First Line Friday

With storms popping up in my local forecast to close out this week, it seems appropriate to pick up a book featuring thunder and lightning during its opening lines. Really, what’s better than a spooky nighttime thunderstorm—fictional or otherwise—just in time for Halloween? Add in witches, curses, and a ghost or two and I knew this was just the book I wanted to showcase for this week’s First Line Friday.

Lightning struck, and a brilliant white light bloomed, illuminating the night sky outside Lucely Luna’s bedroom window.

Four hours had passed since her bedtime, but the thunderstorm outside kept her wide-awake.

She’d tried every one of her abuela’s tricks—including taking slow, deep breaths while focusing on the warm glow of the fireflies coming from outside her bedroom window—but nothing had worked.

Lucely hugged her knees to her chest, gazing our the window. She counted the seconds between the flash of lightning and clap of thunder, praying that it was still too far away to strike her home.”

“One, two, three …”


Title: Ghost Squad
Author: Claribel A. Ortega
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Publication Date: April 07, 2020
Classification: Fantasy, Middle Grade

Ortega’s Website | Publisher’s Page | Goodreads

Note: First Line Fridays is a feature hosted by Hoarding Books.

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