The Little Shop on Floral Street by Jane Lacey-Crane

The last place Grace wants to return to is her family’s floral stall—especially with the painful memories of the night that drove her away still lingering. But when sudden tragedy strikes, she puts her own successful career on pause and heads home. Meanwhile, her sister Faith has never seemed to find a place to fit in, and sharing her childhood bedroom with Grace again definitely doesn’t feel right … especially since they can’t stop bickering. However, as the two sisters are forced to confront each other, their pasts, and themselves, they just might discover that forgiveness and family might be the best remedies for their shared pain.

There’s no tussle like a family tussle, and author Jane Lacey-Crane uses this to mine every bit of tension, drama, and misunderstanding possible. Grace and Faith could not be more different—so they assume—and the result is constant sniping that permeates the first part of the book. Yes, there are times when both of them seem frustratingly unreasonable. However, this speaks to the Lacey-Crane’s expert abilities: she’s crafted two flawed characters who aren’t always easy to understand. They’re real, complicated people, and their journeys are ultimately so much more rewarding because of their rocky start.

And what a tumultuous beginning it is. Lacey-Crane drags her characters together with a tragedy so devastating it should come with a box of tissues. It’s an incredibly effective moment heightened by her tight, focused writing. She doesn’t embellish disaster, but rather, lets Grace and Faith explore it in a natural way. The result is heartbreaking.

However, things are not always so bleak. There’s, fittingly, hope in these pages. Both Grace and Faith are at turning points in their lives, forging new paths when it comes to love, work, and family. Grace finds a bit of comfort from a handsome photographer, Matthew, while Faith searches for some structure while she’s not globetrotting. For all the tears and tugging on heartstrings, Lacey-Crane knows how to drop in plenty of fun and tender moments to lighten the action.

Beautifully written and powerful, The Little Shop on Floral Street is a perfect read.

Title: The Little Shop on Floral Street
Author: Jane Lacey-Crane
Publisher: Aria
Publication Date: August 13, 2020
Classification: General Fiction

Lacey-Crane’s Twitter | Publisher’s Page | Goodreads

Note: I received a free ARC of this book from the publisher through NetGalley.

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