A Friendly Favorite Lines Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! The week is winding down, so what better time than now to usher in the weekend with a Favorite Lines Friday? This week my reading has focused a lot on literary friendships—the good, the bad, and the tragic—and I was reminded of one of the strongest-written set of friends I’ve ever come across.

Once they were sitting comfortably, shoes kicked off, Alison curled up in the armchair and Frankie stretched out on the sofa, while Kate settled herself on the huge footstool, Frankie raised her glass. ‘Right, can I be the first to say good riddance to this year and I bloody hope the next one’s better!’

The other two nodded and held up their glasses in agreement.

Despite being ‘entirely unprepared for visitors’, Alison managed to produce breadsticks complete with a herb dip, some cheese twirls — which definitely looked homemade — and, once those had disappeared, a box of chocolates with a dark red lid.

‘These look very fancy,’ said Frankie, leaning forward from her corner on the sofa and choosing one at random. She turned towards Kate and whispered, ‘I think she might have forgiven us for turning up without warning.’

Kate smiled, taking the box and holding it up to read the descriptions of the chocolates on the bottom. ‘These are posh.’ She passed the box back to Alison, who put it down without taking one.

‘I take it back,’ said Frankie. ‘She’s not forgiven us — they’re poisoned.’

A smile broke across Alison’s face for the first time all evening. ‘No, no.’ She shook her head. ‘These were a Christmas present, but…’ She stopped talking and her eyes began to well up. ‘Maggie bought them for me just before, well…’

Title:The Happiness Project
Author: Pippa James
Publisher: Bookouture
Publication Date: February 12, 2019
Classification: General Fiction

James’s Twitter | Publisher’s Page | Goodreads

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