A Favorite Lines Friday in a New Place

Happy Friday, everyone! The week is winding down, so what better time to usher in the weekend with another edition of Favorite Lines Friday? This week I’ve been looking for a bit of an escape—a reading journey to somewhere new—and I think I found the perfect place in Ballybucklebo. If only I could find out how to get there…

“I wonder if you could help me?”

“Aye?” The Cyclist lifted his hat and scratched his ginger hair. “Maybe.”

“I’m looking for Ballybucklebo.”

“Ballybucklebo?” His brow knitted, and the head scratching increased.

“Can you tell me how to get there?”

“Ballybucklebo?” He pursed his lips. “Boys-a-boys, thon’s a grand wee place, so it is.”

Barry tried not to let his growing exasperation show. “I’m sure it is, but I have to get there by five.”

“Five? Today, like?”

“Mmm.” Barry bit back the words “No. In the year 2000.” He waited.

The youth fumbled in the fob pocket of his waistcoat, produced a pocketwatch, and consulted it, frowning and muttering to himself. He looked at Barry. “Five? You’ve no much time left.”

“I know that. If you could just—”



“Och, aye.” He pointed to the road that lay straight ahead. “Take that road.”

“That one?”

“Aye. Follow your nose ’til you come to Willy John McCoubrey’s red barn.”

“Red barn. Right.”

“Now you don’t turn there.”


“Not at all. Keep right on. You’ll see a black-and-white cow in a field—unless Willy John has her in the red barn for milking. Now go past her, and take the road to your right.” As he spoke, the youth pointed to the left side of the road.

Barry felt a mite confused. “First right past the black-and-white cow?”

“That’s her,” he said, continuing to point to the left. “From there on, it’s only a wee doddle. Mind you, sir…” He started to mount his rusty machine. Then he delivered the rest of the sentence with the solemnity of a priest giving a Benediction: “… if I’d been you, I wouldn’t have tried to get to Ballybucklebo from here in the first place.”

Title: An Irish Country Doctor
Series: Irish Country #1
Author: Patrick Taylor
Publisher: Forge
Publication Date: Febryary 06, 2007
Classification: General Fiction

Taylor’s Website | Publisher’s Page | Goodreads

5 thoughts on “A Favorite Lines Friday in a New Place

      1. I think I may give it a try anyway. Since I will not be obligated to review it, I can stop reading if it exceeds my tolerance level. I checked and my library, which is currently closed, does have a copy. 👏

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