Lock Every Door by Riley Sager

Jules has been searching—for answers, for direction, for her sister. And after losing her job and discovering her boyfriend cheating, she’s also searching for a new home and career. So when an apartment sitting position opens up at the famed and exclusive Bartholomew, she jumps at the chance to live in the building of her dreams—and get paid for it! Sure, the rules are a little quirky, but then, everything does have a catch … and the Bartholomew has a big one.

If there’s ever been a book that deserves the moniker of ‘page-turner’, then Lock Every Door certainly qualifies. Tightly paced with an engrossing hook, it clips along, seamlessly blending a dreadful mystery with claustrophobic thrills.

Much of this success relies on author Riley Sager’s expert crafting of Jules. Strong and determined, Jules suffers from an unwanted transformation of circumstances. Having suffered multiple personal tragedies, some very recent, she jumps headfirst into a change of scenery—even if it feels too good to be true.

Yet by the time she’s become devoted to her new position at the Bartholomew, Sager has already planted the seed that all is not what it seems. There’s a dark ever-present undercurrent that permeates every page. Is it supernatural? Is it tangible? Is it all in Jules’s head? Sager never tips his hand until it’s absolutely necessary, and the result is a genuinely surprising ending.

Lock Every Door ratchets up an unsettling beginning that doesn’t stop until a pulse-pounding finale.

Title: Lock Every Door
Author: Riley Sager
Publisher: Dutton
Publication Date: July 02, 2019
Classification: Thriller

Sager’s Website | Publisher’s Page | Goodreads


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