Alys Murray’s The Magnolia Sisters

It’s the middle of the week, which means it’s time for Can’t-Wait Wednesday. Every week I spotlight amazing future releases that—well, that I just can’t wait for. This is a feature hosted by Tressa over at Wishful Endings, so be sure to check out her weekly post to find other participants. Fair warning: don’t be surprised if you come away with an expanded TBR pile.

Today I’m waiting for…

I’ve written at length about the total joy that comes with reading anything by Alys Murray. The Christmas Company is a deeply charming play on A Christmas Carol. Tea and a Cowboy has the kind of main character the romance genre (or really, any genre) needs more of. Love Spells for the End of the World is wacky fantastical fun—so much so that I read it twice in one week. And then there’s Society Girl, so far her only book that I haven’t read, though I gladly bought a copy the day it was released because I know I’ll like it. That’s right: she’s an instant-buy kind of author for me.

Alys Murray’s a refreshing voice who knows how to weave a compelling story with real, complex characters. Whether she’s dishing out hilarious situations or some serious character introspection, I cannot get enough of her work.

So adding her newest upcoming book, The Magnolia Sisters, to my TBR pile was one of the easiest decisions I’ve made this year.

And if that wasn’t enough—I mean, come on, just look at that cover.

I can’t wait.

From the publisher:

Harper Anderson has a to-do list longer than the Colorado river, and fields of tulips to tend to at her family’s flower farm in Hillsboro County, California. It’s her dream to run the business with her sisters when their father retires, keeping up traditions that began with her great-great-grandmother.

That is, if there’s a farm left to run. Rich out-of-towners looking for a slice of country living are hiking up the prices in town and it’s putting her family out of business. So she has no time for the arrogant LA tech mogul who makes her an offer to use their farm as his sister’s wedding venue. No amount of money could make up for the destruction it would wreak on next season’s crop. The sooner Luke Martin is on his way, the better.

But Luke isn’t willing to go. He’s been looking out for his sister ever since their deadbeat parents left them to fend for themselves, and he’ll do whatever it takes to make her happy. So when Harper’s newest farmhand leaves her in the lurch, he sees an opportunity to strike a deal. He’ll work on the farm for free if she’ll give him the chance to change her mind.

Harper and Luke each expect the other to crack first. What they don’t expect is the chemistry that sparks between them as they work side by side among the budding roses. But Luke’s presence is turning over more than the earth, and just as Harper is starting to let her guard down, he stumbles upon a secret that could spell disaster for the entire Anderson clan.

With her family’s happiness at stake, can Harper put her trust in a man who is worlds apart from everything she knows?

Title: The Magnolia Sisters
Author: Alys Murray
Publisher: Bookouture
Expected Publication: March 05, 2020
Classification: Romance

Murray’s Website | Goodreads

What are you waiting for this week?


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