A Magical Favorite Lines Friday

Lately I’ve found myself latching onto quotes from my current reads. There’s something special about coming across a line—or entire section—that makes me perk up in my seat and feel compelled to highlight it or write it down. Whether because it’s beautiful writing, a poignant point, wickedly funny, or something else entirely, I’m excited to share some of them.

This week, my favorite lines set the stage for some true magic.

Magic is a powerful word and often misused. Some say magic comes from heaven, and others say it comes from hell, but anyone who has ever visited the Van Gogh Cafe knows that magic comes from a building that was once a theater; from a sign above a cash register that reads BLESS ALL DOGS; from a smiling porcelain hen on top of a pie carousel; from purple hydrangeas painted all over a ladies’ bathroom; from a small brown phonograph that plays “You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To.” Magic is in the Van Gogh Cafe in Flowers, Kansas, and sometimes the magic wakes itself up, and people and animals and things notice it. They notice it and are affected by it and pretty soon word spreads that there is a cafe—the Van Gogh Cafe—that is wonderful, like a dream, like a mystery, like a painting, and you ought to go there, they will say, for you will never forget it. You will want to stay, if you can. Some have for a while. Like the possum…

Title: The Van Gogh Cafe
Author: Cynthia Rylant
Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: June 29, 1995
Classification: Chapter Book, Magical Realism

Publisher’s Page | Goodreads


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