State of the Stacks: Pre-Christmas Edition

Christmas is practically here and, personally, I could not be more excited. Though that’s possibly from the frenzy that accompanies just finishing a post-midnight grocery shopping trip … Or it could stem from the thought of having two days in the middle of the week where my area effectively shuts down—meaning I really have no choice but to sit home and read. Either way, bring on the festivities, and read on to see my current bookish updates on this week’s State of the Stacks.

Circulation Desk

I’m changing up the Circulation Desk a bit starting this week. It’s now devoted not only to what I’ve finished reading, but also what I’m currently reading as well as future reads and books I’m just learning about. Apparently in anticipation of this update, I’m going through my Blue Period:

Currently Reading: Looking for Lucy by Julie Houston
Just Finished: Memory of a Large Christmas by Lillian Smith
Up Next: Notting Hill in the Snow by Jules Wake
TBR Pile: Return to Wonderland by Various

Reading About Books

If you’re not reading a book, the next best thing is reading about books. Here’s a selection of news and essays I enjoyed this week:

That’s that— the State of the Stacks.

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