Eight Snowy Cozies for a Long Winter’s Night

Winter might be a joyously festive time for some, but there’s also a lesser discussed undercurrent of unease for others. Leafless trees twisting in piercing winds. Dark nights that stretch longer and longer. Ice forming on anything that sits still long enough. That’s why, if I had to assign a book genre for each season, winter would easily be a cozy mystery. Somehow filled with moments of both fun and bleakness, it’s perfectly encapsulated by these morbidly quirky books.

So in honor of this polarizing season, here are eight snowy cozies you can check out during your next trip to the library.

A Sticky Situation
by Jessie Crockett

After a skeleton turns up in the Opera House basement, Dani realizes this year’s Maple Festival is going to be a hectic one.


A Midwinter’s Tail
by Sofie Kelly

When someone is murdered during a library gala, Kathleen needs a little help from her two magical cats, Owen and Hercules, to crack the case.


A Spoonful of Murder
by Connie Archer

Lucky Jamieson isn’t sure what to do when she inherits her parents’ soup shop—and that was before a tourist was found frozen in the alley out back.


A Wee Dose of Death
by Fran Stewart

Peggy Winn and her ghostly partner, Dirk, are back on the case after a professor’s body is found in a secluded cabin.


Berry the Hatchet
by Peg Cochran

Cranberry farmer Monica Albertson is baking up a storm for the Winter Walk, but everything is derailed when the mayor turns up dead at the opening ceremony.


Bitter Harvest
by Sheila Connolly

With her first harvest finally over, orchard owner Meg Corey is finally finding time to relax—until a series of ‘accidents’ foil her plans.


Clobbered by Camembert
by Avery Aames

Charlotte Bessette is busy prepping for the Winter Wonderland fair, but when an old friend is murdered, town gossip turns against her assistant’s boyfriend.


Farmed and Dangerous
by Edith Maxwell

Cam Flaherty is already stressed, and being snowed in at the scene of a murder where she’s the prime suspect isn’t helping.



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