One Year, So Many Books

When I started writing book reviews, my intention was to champion the amazing authors who keep me excited about books. Like so many people who start book blogs, I thought I had a unique viewpoint and just enough hubris to put it in writing. And when I finally created a platform to showcase my bookish enthusiasm, I had one goal: keep it up for a year. Commitment was key.

This week officially marks one year of Plucked from the Stacks.

In that year, I’ve read so many books, written a host of reviews, delved into some literary history, and had a lot of fun. It’s also been a learning experience. I’ve experimented with website layouts only to change them a week later. Features I thought I’d enjoy writing weekly have come and gone. I’ve overcommitted to timely reviews …

But the most surprising thing has been you, the reader.

When I published my first review*, I knew someone would read it. Certainly, if you publish it, someone will find it. What I did not expect was the amazing community of book lovers that would be so welcoming. From comments to emails to Twitter interactions, from authors to readers to publishers, I have been floored by the outpouring of love for all things books. While it’s true that there’s nothing like a great book, there’s also nothing like sharing a great book with others.

So for any of you currently reading this: thank you for sharing in all things book-related and for an amazing year.

Here’s to many, many more.

*Moonlight on the Thames by Lauren Westwood, which also happens to be a great read for winter (or any time of year, really).

21 Replies to “One Year, So Many Books”

  1. Happy blogging anniversary! 🎉 Isn’t it amazing what a journey it is? Like most things in life, the fun is in the journey, not the destination. I have gotten to witness a lot of your changes, and I have enjoyed and learned from your posts. Your love of all things books is both noted and appreciated.😀

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