Murder Lo Mein – First Line Friday

This week is quickly drifting into the weekend, which must mean it’s time for First Line Friday! Each week I grab a book from my shelf (or from wherever it’s wandered off to) and share the first line or so. They might be quotes from my TBR pile or an old favorite or even a book I’m not particularly fond of.

This week I did a lot of reading about food … some eating was also involved. So for this First Line Friday, I looked to a book with a food theme…

There I was, staring at my doom … surely; this was a fate worse than death. “I am in so much trouble. This is a complete and total nightmare!”

Murder Lo Mein is the third book in the Noodle Shop Mystery series by Vivien Chien. The series follows Lana Lee, who initially moved back to Cleveland to work in her parents’ restaurant after bad breakups with her boyfriend and her job. In this installment, she’s now the restaurant manager tasked with solving a murder after a food critic is found murdered, face-down in lo mein.

Do not read this book, or any of them in the series, if you’re hungry. Chien only has to mention dumplings and I’m browsing my phone for takeout options. But beyond her glorious descriptions of food, she knows how to craft a solid mystery with lots of laughs.

And this first line is as tempting as an egg roll.

Title: Murder Lo Mein
Series: A Noodle Shop Mysery #3
Author: Vivien Chien
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Publication Date: March 26, 2019
Classification: Cozy Mystery

Chien’s Website | Publisher’s Page | Goodreads


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