My Cat Looks Like My Dad by Thao Lam

The narrator’s cat looks just like their dad. They even enjoy the same things, like naps and boxes! The narrator looks more like their mom— and they both love dancing. But really, a family is a family no matter how it might look.

Pet owners are often compared to their animals and, for some, the similarities run deep. That’s certainly the case here in the quirky world author/illustrator Thao Lam has produced. Through meticulous paper collage, she compares the dad and his cat practically with a wink. These two are depicted as so similar it’s almost catoonish. However, Lam’s use of soft colors on mostly white pages make her collages pop while grounding them in sentimental realness. It reads like a family scrapbook.

The text itself is sparse, letting the illustrations take most of the work. It’s effective, with only a basic sentence here and there to prod the story along as the narrator talks about their family.

What puts this book over the edge is its twist ending. With subtle clues along the way, the ending might be obvious for some. And yet, the final spread is adorably surprising, reinforcing that a family unit can be comprised of whoever so long as love binds them.

Title: My Cat Looks Like My Dad
Author: Thao Lam
Publisher: Owlkids
Publication Date: April 15, 2019
Classification: Picture Book

Lam’s Website | Publisher’s Page | Goodreads

Note: I received a free ARC of this book through NetGalley.


  1. This sounds too adorable and I love how you describe the artwork! I saw the cover for this on netgalley and it cracked me up but it sounds like it’s like it’s thoughtful too. I’m going to have to look through it.

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    1. It’s very cute— and packs a surprising message at the end! I hope you enjoy it.

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  2. fuonlyknew says:

    Such a wonderful review. You now have me very curious about a book I might not have given a second glance!

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  3. macsbooks311 says:

    Ohhhh, this sounds so wonderful!! We had a cat that looked and acted exactly like my mother – who hated cats strangely enough.

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    1. Ha! Sounds like a good sequel for this book …


  4. lghiggins says:

    It was just about 10 minutes ago that I said I would not be reading any of the old blog posts I hadn’t gotten to, but I just couldn’t help but read this one. What a cute title and premise. Good review, Christopher!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well I’m glad you decided to stop by! It’s adorable— that title makes it hard to pass by.

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