A Very Lucky Christmas by Lilac Mills

Daisy wasn’t having the best luck, but the ruddy silver sixpence certainly didn’t help. It all started when she came home to find her boyfriend, Freddie, in bed with another man, forcing her to move back home with her mother and grandmother. With Christmas around the corner, familial tensions quickly start boiling over. However, she makes a genuine effort for peace, even going so far as to making her great grandmother’s recipe for Christmas pudding—adding in a silver sixpence for good luck. Unfortunately, eating too quickly, she chokes on the coin and has to be rushed to the local A&E where she’s greeted by the dreamy Dr. Hartley … and that’s when her luck really starts to change.

Well, this book started off with me glad I wasn’t in Daisy’s shoes. The first few pages are incredibly rough, and it only goes downhill from there for a time. Fortunately, author Lilac Mills handles these scenes with a bit of a wink to the reader. At times, she seems to even relish in the misfortunes of her main character simply because of the sheer volume of bad things that happen to her. However, it’s a Christmas romance after all, and it’s apparent her fortune will shift by the end.

Before she gets there, though, the suffering piles on and a lot of it is pretty funny. The Christmas dinner scene at the beginning is a completely chaotic mess and relatable. It’s topped by Daisy’s choking on the sixpence piece. I won’t spoil everything, but the results of that incident crop up over and over in increasingly hilarious and fresh ways.

This book is light on romance, which isn’t a problem, but should be noted. Noah Hartley is a great foil for Daisy, and their progression together is a highlight. One common trope in the book is the use of miscommunication. Characters hear what they want to hear and make vast leaps to conclusions. At first, I found this slightly frustrating. However, Mills sets the stage for poor communication early and it makes sense for these characters. If Daisy didn’t realize her longtime boyfriend was gay and that she didn’t actually love him anyway, then it seems reasonable she would have communication problems.

And I do want to give special praise to Lilac Mills for her handling of the gay ex storyline. Plenty of other authors inadvertently demonize characters like this or play into awkward stereotypes. That doesn’t happen here, and I was pleased with how tastefully it was handled.

It’s a fun and festive romance with some bite, perfect for Christmas.

Title: A Very Lucky Christmas
Author: Lilac Mills
Publisher: Canelo Escape
Publication Date: August 20, 2018
Classification: Romance

Mills’s Website | Publisher’s PageGoodreads

Note: I received a free ARC of this book through NetGalley.


    1. I hope you end up loving it! It’s very different from a lot of Christmas books. And I’m the same way. For every Christmas one I review, there are three more waiting. Thank goodness for the extended weekend!

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